It shall be within the Landlord's sole discretion whether or not to allow subletting or re‑rental services to Residents. Residents may not engage in sublets, transfers or occupancy changes without prior written permission of Landlord. Resident may not under any circumstances, sublet the premises using short-term stay providers such as Airbnb, etc.

All procedures and fees are at management’s discretion, are not guaranteed and may be changed at any time with proper notice. Payment is due prior to execution of any lease alteration.  Please reach out to the Leasing office for additional information.


Lease Break:

Lease breaks may be requested by current or incoming residents who have not moved in yet. All fees must be paid up front, before either option is executed. Rent must be current and account balance zero. Under no circumstances are security deposits accepted as payment for any fees.

Please contact the Leasing office to request a lease break and to have the forms sent to you for review and signature. There are two options when requesting a lease break:

Option A:

Management is responsible for marketing, showing and obtaining a new resident for the property. The property will be marketed at the current rental rate thru the end of the current lease term.  This is the only option if you have not yet moved into your new home.

Option B:

Resident is responsible for marketing, showing and obtaining a new resident. Management will process and either approve or deny your prospect based on our current rental criteria.

Regardless of which option is chosen, the original Residents will remain responsible for all rent payments until a new group can be found, a new lease is executed, and the new lease begins.

*Utilities must remain on in the original Resident’s name until the new group’s lease begins.

*All units will be completely turned at outgoing Resident’s expense.

*If a Resident abandons their unit, or fails to take possession of their unit, they will be billed a penalty fee equivalent to one month’s rent.


Lease Agreement Name Changes:

Name change requests are done at management discretion and are not guaranteed. Payment is due upon execution of the lease change form when signed. 

Certain properties are ineligible for name changes, please consult with the Leasing Department for more information.

Leases may be signed with less than the full group, but charges will be incurred for each additional applicant after the Lease Agreement has been ratified. Charges vary depending on the length of time between request and original lease signing.

Security deposits are not returned upon name changes; incoming Residents would need to reimburse out-going Resident for the security deposit when names changes occur.


Lease Agreement Date Changes:

Date change requests are done at management discretion and are not guaranteed. Payment is due upon execution of the lease change form when signed. The form must be signed by all parties listed on the current lease.

Date changes are not permitted 30 days prior to the commencement or termination of a lease.

Date Changes may not be used to shorten a lease expiration date, unless it is to accommodate a future Resident's move-in.

Incoming or outgoing Residents effected by the date change must also agree to the terms and conditions of the date change policy.



For a sublease to be approved, the sub-lessee must submit an application, application fee and be approved by management prior to occupying the residence.

An addendum will be executed with a specific sublease period indicated, all other residents of the apartment must agree to allow the sublease to take place and must sign the addendum indicating their approval.

Subleases will only be allowed for a 3-month duration and the original Resident must be moving back into the unit before the Lease expiration. Rent payments must continue to come from the original Resident only.