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General Office Information:

Office Hours:  Monday- Friday 8am-5pm

Rental Payments:  Due on the 1st of each month.  A late fee will be assessed on the 6th.   (If you choose to pay online, it is your responsibility to make sure your rental payment is made on time.)  If paying by check, please submit only one check per apartment and indicate your apartment address on the rental check.  No cash will be accepted at our office. There is an after-hours drop box (for checks only) at our office for your convenience. It is located at the corner of our front parking lot, and is marked “Real Property Drop Slot”. Please always write your address on the check!

Leasing Procedures and Fees:

All procedures and fees are at management’s discretion and may be altered or changed at any time.  Payment must be made at execution of any lease alteration. 

Lease Break:

Lease breaks are done at management discretion and are NOT guaranteed. All fees must be paid up front before either option is executed.  Under no circumstances are security deposits accepted as payment for any fees. Contact the Office for a lease break form.  

There are two options when requesting a lease break:

A:        Real Property is responsible for marketing, showing, obtaining a new resident for the property.

Fee: Equal to one month’s rent

B:        You are responsible for marketing, showing and obtaining a new resident.  We will process and either approve or deny your prospective based on our current rental criteria.

Fee: Equal to 1/2 month’s rent

Regardless of which option is chosen the original lessees will remain responsible for all rent payments until a new group can be found and a new lease is executed. Utilities must remain on in original lessee’s names until the new group’s lease begins.

**All units will be completely turned at outgoing resident’s expense.**

Name Changes:

Leases may be signed with less than the full group, but charges will be incurred for each addition.  Charges vary depending on the length of time between request and original lease execution (signing). Contact the Office for a name change form.  

Security deposits must be paid in full at lease signing regardless of whether or not you are signing a lease with your entire group present. 

Fee:    $100.00 if less than thirty days of lease execution

            $250.00 if greater than thirty days of lease execution   

 Lease Date Changes:

Date change requests are done at management discretion and are not guaranteed.    Payment is due upon execution of the lease change form is signed.  The form must be signed by all parties listed on the original lease. Contact the Office for a lease date change form.  

Fee:    $100.00 per change


Sub-lease request are done at management discretion.  For a sublease to be approved, the sub-lessee must submit an application, application fee and be approved by management prior to occupying the residence. An addendum will be executed with a specific sublease period indicated, all other residents of the apartment must be in agreement to allow the sublease to take place, and must sign the addendum indicating their approval. Rent payments must come from the original tenant only. Contact the Office for a sublet form.  

Fee: $250 per request

Yard Care:

Tenant assumes responsibility for yard care unless otherwise specified in the lease.  Yard care includes: cutting grass every 10-14 days during growing season, weed eating, seasonal leaf removal, snow and ice removal, and maintaining and trimming of bushes.  If a notice is served for not maintaining the grounds and it is not remedied within 5 business days, management reserves the right to perform the neglected yard maintenance and bill the charges to the resident.

Plumbing Issues:

Landlord is responsible for all plumbing repairs, except as follows: Tenant is responsible for keeping open all lavatories, sinks, toilets and other plumbing fixtures and drains (this includes drains being kept free of hair). Tenant shall not allow anyone to misuse plumbing system or to dispose of anything for which the system was not designed.  Tenant assumes financial responsibility for any damage caused by misuse or neglect of plumbing systems or fixtures, and any stoppage occurring after seven (7) days of possession unless it is determined by management to be caused by mechanical failure of the plumbing system or root growth.  Tenant shall disconnect all exterior hoses during times of potential freezing temperatures. Any damage caused to plumbing or pipes due to hoses left connected in freezing weather conditions shall be repaired by a licensed plumber, at tenant’s expense. 


Tenant must report any pest problem, in writing, within seven (7) days of possession. If not reported within the allotted time period, it is agreed that Premises has no infestation of any kind. Landlord has no responsibility for the control of roaches, ants, mice, fleas, stink bugs or other pests INCLUDING bedbugs. Any future infestation of any kind (except termite) is Tenant’s responsibility. Tenant will be charged for any damage caused by uncontrolled pests.

Oil Tank (Heating) (if applicable):

All tanks used to hold #2 heating fuel for oil burning furnaces should be full at your lease start date.  Upon expiration of your lease the tank should be filled and a receipt turned in along with your keys to the office.  Should you not fill your tank upon your departure from the property it will be filled by management at your expense.

Fireplaces/Chimneys (if applicable):

It is tenant responsibility to have chimneys inspected should they elect to use them during their tenancy.  They must be inspected by an approved chimney sweep.  Please contact the office if you need a recommendation.

Smoke Detectors:

It is the residents’ responsibility to maintain each smoke detector in the apartment.  Please replace the battery as needed.  Please do NOT remove or disconnect the smoke detector.  If you have problems with your smoke detector, contact us immediately.  Please do not burn incense or candles as they are both fire hazards.

Parking Policies: (Management reserves the right to change parking policies at any time)




Bicycles must be stored inside your apartment.  At no time can they be stored on the apartment landings or attached to any railing of any part of the building.  The City and State Fire Codes prohibit the placing of bicycles, motorcycles, and trash at entrances or on steps or landings of buildings.  Mopeds and motorcycles can never be put inside apartments.  They must be kept in the parking lot.




Park in marked spaces only, never in fire or traffic lanes.  We ask that you do not wash or repair vehicles in the parking area.  In order to protect all residents, towing is unfortunately necessary to keep fire and traffic lanes clear.  Any vehicle parking illegally, even with a sticker, can be towed at any time, without notice, at your expense.  Your sticker authorizes use of your individual parking lot only.  Do no park on lawns.  If towed, your vehicle may be recovered at Collier’s Towing Service located at 202 5th Street, SW. (295-4941).  Recovering your vehicle promptly will help keep your cost at a minimum.

Any vehicle that is in an unsightly state of disrepair, has flat tires, is jacked up on supports, is inoperable or lacks proper state licensing or inspection may not remain on the property for more than 24 hours.  Any vehicles violating this rule are subject to towing at the owner's expense without warning.


Venable Court parking procedures 

Each resident is provided one parking sticker.  Each apartment is provided one parking space only.  There is no parking along any walls of the parking areas.  There is no parking allowed in the driveways or gravel.  There is first come first serve parking available in the “Overflow” spaces, duly marked, for vehicles with the proper parking stickers.  It is the residents’ responsibility to tow from their own spaces.  Please call Collier’s Towing @ 293-6433 to initiate a tow from your assigned space.  You will be required to present your parking pass and a valid driver’s license to have vehicles removed from your space.

University Forum parking procedures 

There will be one parking permit per person. Spaces are on a first come first serve basis.  Please refer to your move in packet for specific parking information.

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