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Below you will find our move out procedures that should be used to help assist you in your move out cleaning.  When you assumed occupancy at your current residence, you found it in a clean and ready to move in condition unless otherwise stated on your Move-In Inspection report.  Due to the very small time period between your move-out date and the new resident’s date of move-in, it is imperative that your residence be left in a very clean-move in condition.  Any damages needing repair, or routine maintenance should be reported prior to your vacating the residence.  


An inspection of the premises will be conducted only after you have removed all personal belongings from the unit and returned all keys.

If you request to be present for this move out inspection, you must schedule an appointment directly with your property manager, in writing, no later than 2 weeks prior to your lease expiration. Inspection times will only be scheduled prior to your lease ending date, there will be no re-inspections once you have returned keys. 

Please make sure you follow all the instructions listed below:


  • All apartment keys must be returned to the office BY 12:00 NOON on the final day of your lease. 
  • If keys are not returned on time you will be charged for having keys or locks replaced and an additional month’s rent will be charged.
  • Roommates: Please designate one contact person to return keys and complete the forwarding address form indicating the address where you would like the deposit mailed.  The deposit will be mailed to ONE PERSON ONLY and it will be this person’s responsibility to distribute the refund to other roommates
  • Deposits are NOT allowed to be used as a rental payment!



All utilities MUST be left on for 5 days beyond the lease expiration date in order to turn over your unit.  If they are turned off within that time you will be billed the reconnection charge and a $50.00 administration fee.


Abandoned Property:

All abandoned property left in a residence after keys have been turned into the office will be disposed of and charged accordingly for their removal within 24 hours of lease termination



  • Pull all appliances out and clean behind them
  • Oven, burners, broiler, under the stove top, exterior of stove, hood vents and splashguards should be free of grease, crumbs, smudges etc.  The stove top should lift up so that you may clean underneath the burners.
  • Replace burner drip pans if they are soiled (can be purchased at your local Walmart)
  • Refrigerator: emptied of all food, defrosted freezer and cleaned inside and out.  
  • Dishwasher: cleaned (including the front) and empty
  • Microwave: cleaned inside and out
  • Garbage disposal: clear of any items and cleaned run with a citrus cleaner (lemons will work as well for smell)
  • Cabinets: emptied and shelves wiped off - remove all shelf paper, grease, crumbs, smudges etc.
  • Counter tops: cleaned with appropriate cleaner and free of grease and debris

General Cleaning (all rooms):

  • Remove all personal items including personal curtains, hangers, empty all trash cans, mirrors etc…
  • Floors: all hardwood floors should be cleared of all personal items, vacuumed, mopped to remove all dirt (including corners) waxed and buffed.
  • Vinyl floors should be vacuumed and mopped
  • Carpets: must be professionally cleaned and a receipt must be provided when keys are returned.  If the carpets are not professionally cleaned we will do them and bill your deposit
  • All rooms should be clean of cobwebs including the ceiling and all windows
  • Baseboards: thoroughly cleaned on all sides (may use warm water and mild detergent)
  • Receptacle covers and light switch plates must be cleaned
  • Closets: remove all personal belongings, cleaned
  • Light bulbs - Replace all burned out light bulbs before you leave, so that all light fixtures will be operating (there will be a charge for replacing any burned out light bulbs).
  • Doors and thresholds: cleaned inside and out (may use warm water and mild detergent)
  • Walls: cleaned by light cleaning with a damp sponge, do not over scrub or remove paint (don’t forget trim)
  • Windows: cleaned inside including sills
  • Clean all blinds (each slat must be cleaned)
  • Fireplaces: cleaned and free of all ashes, flue closed and clean any fireplace tools that belong to the residence
  • Yard: clean of all personal items, trash and debris and grass should be mowed within 2 days of lease expiration
  • Porch/deck: clean of all personal items and debris (swept or mopped if appropriate)
  • Smoke detectors: all batteries should be in working order or replaced


  • Tub and/or Shower: cleaned, no soap residue, remove shower curtain (leave rod) and faucets shined. Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach as they can damage the grout. 
  • Toilet: cleaned inside and out
  • Basin/Vanity: clean off all soap residue and dirt
  • Medicine cabinet: emptied, cleaned inside and out
  • Ventilation fan – Clean all dust and dirt from the cover and fan blades (remove cover to perform this)


  • If you are responsible for mowing the grass at your residence please make sure it is mowed two days prior to your lease end date.
  • Remove all items from the yard, patio and storage areas.  Do not leave trash, dog feces, etc 
  • Windows should be intact, any broken windows will be charged to your deposit
  • You are able to request a city pick-up for trash and furniture for an additional fee.  If you chose to do this it must be done prior to your lease expiration or you will be charged for item removal


Please be aware that “normal wear and tear” does not include damages caused by a resident’s negligence, abuse or misuse of the premises such as but not limited to: broken windows, screens, doors, holes in walls, broken blinds, scraped walls or carpet stains.  All damages deemed beyond “normal wear and tear” will be repaired and charged to the resident. Residents have read and understand the above policies and procedures and agree to abide by them. This document is an attachment to the lease agreement.

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